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The way we work

Ecotourism must provide traditional people with resources to improve their lives without degrading their precious natural resources.  Papuan villagers have lived in harmony with their environment for millennia.  One course of action that will help to preserve that environment is to provide guidance as they accommodate to life in a rapidly changing world, without the need to neglect or abandon their traditional values, resources and skills.

As much as we are able, we ensure that our costs are spent locally, distributed fairly and have a positive economic impact.  Your participation in a PBC tour demonstrates to villagers that people from the outside world value the ongoing survival of their environment and their customs. The value of the forest, thus demonstrated by the contribution of visitors from elsewhere, affords them secure financial incentives to preserve their traditional way of life.  

The way we work in Papua.
In addition to the creation of employment that is generated by our tours, we assist communities with two education projects: Firstly, in the smaller forest villages at the birding sites we visit, we have introduced a basic education and scholarship project.
Secondly, in the larger towns of Sorong and Manokwari, we manage an environmental education and awareness project.  We dedicate 10% of our total profits to these projects.   Our projects are heavily involved with children, in recognition of the importance of the younger generation to the future of Papua.

Primary Education Project

When PBC began to operate tours in the Arfak Mountains, we were shocked by the lack of basic education facilities.  Our response was to conduct informal classes in the villages.  The simple aim was to teach basic literacy and numeracy to primary school children. These classes were conducted for three years and were very successful and popular. They provided an excellent means to interact with villagers and to share basic skills.  Unfortunately, it became necessary to curtail the programme in response to the failing health of Kris Tindige - the founder of the PBC.  We hope to be able to rekindle the programme in the near future.

Scholarships for Villages
In addition to these classes, we have initiated a limited scholarship programme.  This provides school fees for children whose families are otherwise unable to afford them an education.  We currently support 12 children from various villages at the sites we visit on our tours. Ultimately we hope that some of the children from our scholarship programme will find the opportunity to work in conservation when they have completed their studies.

DisionHello, my name is Dision Indou, from Syioubrig Village, Arfak Mountains. I am now studying at SMP or High School) Minyambou, with supports from Papua Bird Club since 2002. PBC sponsors my books, pencils, bag, shoes, uniform and school fees. Later, I want to continue to Universitas Negri Papua to take forestry subject. I want to become a successful man with a good job so I can help my family, my village and our forest. My dream is to visit America, hahahaha.....

Environmental Awareness Project in Sorong
As the township of Sorong has expanded, residents have become progressively more detached from the forest around them.  We have begun to address this issue with a programme of lectures in schools in Sorong.  We teach children about the forest and its’ wildlife, as well as the threats from logging, unsustainable hunting, and bird-trapping.  A computer projector and Power Point presentation help to maximize our impact.  We also conduct field trips with the children, to assist them to understand, appreciate and learn about the forest.  

We are currently seeking permission from the education department to extend this programme to Manokwari.


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