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Local schoolchildren Birding expedition

Since the commencing of the organization, PBC has been serviceably introducing Wild Bird Conservation Awareness (WBCA) program. This campaign is socialized through indoor (Bird talks & slide shows) and outdoor (Field Birding) activity. WBCA enormously motivates students and major community, to know wild birds and their natural habitats.

PBC brings in Alternative Education to kids at isolated areas, where schools are inaccessible. Astonishingly the classes allure both children and parents. Motivated students are facilitated with small scholarships to continue to a higher level education.


Shita teaching local children about conservation Wooden hut

To benefit local community, PBC presents and promotes birding eco-tourism of potential areas, by initiating a traditional eco-tourist house. This aware them to preserve their forest and wildlife for the future generation.

Above programs will not be possible to run and continue without financial supports. PBC’s birding trip has been one of this financial source. Other sources have also come from our generous supports, both personals, organization or companies.


PBC welcomes any source of donation/funds, both financial/equipment (new or used).

Dision Indou
Hello, my name is Dision Indou, from Syioubrig Village, Arfak Mountains. I am now studying at SMP or High School) Minyambou, with supports from Papua Bird Club since 2002. PBC sponsors my books, pencils, bag, shoes, uniform and school fees. Later, I want to continue to Universitas Negri Papua to take forestry subject. I want to become a successful man with a good job so I can help my family, my village and our forest. My dream is to visit America, hahahaha.....
Learning basic skills



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